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Ok, so first I want to say this is just a prototype and I will try to improve it in the future so... lets get started!!! Oh, and by the way I'm doing this on my phone so I'm taking pics of my computer screen.

Step 1: Just Follow the Instructions/ Pictures!

I made an outline than the real outline of the ukuele

Step 2:

I gave it some volume and that hole

Step 3:

The string holder, I did not put groves or holes so you would have to do them yourselves, sorry about that guys....

Step 4: The Neck

Step 5: The "scroll"

Step 6: Hollow It

This is the more original one. I just took some cylinders and hollowed the insides out.

Step 7: You Can Pot Some Futuristic Holes in It If You Want To

Here I subtracted some holes from it after I hollowed it out to give it a WOW! Look, the sound wouldn't be as loud but if it became an electric ukulele.....

Step 8: You Are Finished!

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    Even if you just printed the body you could use it as a mould! Awesome

    Instead of taking pictures of the computer screen with your phone you can do whats called print screen. You can google how to do it on your computer but for me it is the function key then end. It turns out very nicely.

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    Thanks for your concern and input, by the time I thought of the "screen shot" I was already done so I only took a pic of the finnished product. The graphics in the computer were kinda low so it didn't make much of a difference. Though, if I do another instructable on a computer I'll remember to take a shot of the screen. Thanks again!

    We'll yes I wanted to to look cool, but I also knew it would be louder, I'm going to make it look much better though, by taking the hollow design and putting holes in that for the cheese design so it's more uniform


    4 years ago

    Does the Swiss cheese design make it louder and clearer. It would make sense that it would because of how the sound waves bounce around. Or did you make it for looks. If you did it kind of looks cool.

    Ok, thanks

    In entering the contest by the way, so please vote! It would mean a lot to me