Introduction: 1.25 TO 25VDC POWER SUPPLY

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Hi,just an easy instructable to show you how to make a 1.25v dc to 25v dc power supply.

Step 1: Epuipment

We will be doing a lot of soldering for this project,so get a full roll of solder at least!So, with all that,we need

Soldering iron
Desoldering iron
Lead trimmers
Wire stripper
Helping hands[unfortunately i didn't had them,but still a recommendation]

Step 2: Parts

As you can see from the schematic, there are plenty of parts to this circuit.
So, lets get started with the parts
Load switch[120vac,6a]
3a fuse
28vac transformer
2a bridge
1000µf electrolytic capacitor
10µf electrolytic capacitor x2
TO 220 Heatsink
0-5k potentiometer
240 ohm 1/4W resistor
Prototyping board

Step 3: Final Step

Solder all the parts and you are done.
If you power supply works without LM317T smoking,then you re successful. If not,there is something wrong.



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    3 Discussions

    Would be bad for low voltages with higher currents, because the regulator will become hot.

    2 replies

    Sure it will become quite hot... Let's say the input voltage to the linear regulator is 10V and the regulated output voltage is 2V and the current is 1A... Than the linear regulator will have to dissipate 8V*1A =8W of power....