12V ATV Quad 4 Wheeler With Seat Switch and Handle Switch

About: Students at Wichita State University run a program that modifies off-the-shelf ride-on toy cars for kids with disabilities. Our cars feature more technical builds with joysticks and arduinos. We post our ins...

This car is 4-Wheeler that is modified with two activation styles. The first activation is a sit down switch to promote the child to stand to be able to move the car. The other switch is on the handle bar that allows the child to activate the car without standing up. There is also a kill switch and a toggle switch to switch between both of the different activation methods. On the back of the 4-Wheeler is a support that hold the child in walking wings so that the child is fully supported when the car is in motion.

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Step 1: Installing the "Kill Switch" & "3 Way Toggle Switch"

The kill switch is used in this car to kill all power to the motor in case the child loses control of the car. The parent would be able to kick the switch to stop the car. The best placement of the switch is on the back of the car. Start off by drilling a hole the correct size such that the switch will be able to fit inside the hole. Connect the battery to the switch by wires and other methods as necessary. The next switch that is installed is the toggle switch just below the kill switch. The toggle switch is a 3 way toggle between the two activation methods and no activation method. A hole was drilled at a different location than the kill switch, as to not confuse the parents with too many toggle switches in a single location.

Step 2: Installing the Handle Bar Switch

The handle bar switch is a momentary switch that is placed next to the handle bar. Start off by drilling a hole that is the correct size to house the switch, you don't want the switch to be too loose. After the switch is in place wire the switch to the 3 way toggle switch. For our car in the pictures, the power switch was located near the handle bars, which made connecting this switch to the toggle switch very simple.

Step 3: Installing the Seat Switch

Note: The seat switch uses a normally open switch. A normally open switch is a switch that is always activated unless the switch is pressed.

Start off by drilling a hole that will hold the seat where the switch will be placed. The switch should be in a location that the child will be able to sit on the switch comfortably. The original hole in the picture had the battery underneath, as such we had to drill another hole to accommodate for this. Next, wire the other side of the 3 way toggle switch to this momentary switch (the other side of the toggle switch will go to the handle bar switch).

Step 4: Building the Support Frame

The support frame is made from 1 inch PVC pipe with 2 elbow pipes and 2 T pipes. Start off by drilling a hole that is the outside diameter of the PVC on the top of the car. Drill 2 holes in the PVC about 2 inches apart to hold the frame onto the car using nuts and bolts. Next drill the same holes into a block of wood as well as the under carriage of the car. The block of wood used in this picture is useful because the underside of the car was at an angle which made the PVC pipe sway and not hold the support frame correctly.

Step 5: Adding Protection to the PVC

The PVC pipes are wrapped in pool noodles to make them look nicer as well as making them kid proof. The PVC pipes are just the right size to slide them into pool noodles.

Step 6: The Circuit Diagram for the Switches

The circuit begins from the battery of the car and goes to the first toggle switch, the kill switch. After the kill switch, the circuit is wired to the 3 way toggle switch. Next the circuit goes to either the handle bar switch or the seat switch, depending on the 3 way toggle switch position. Finally the diagram continues on into the motor of the car to make the car go forward.



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