12v DC Trapeze Lighting for Not Much Cash

Introduction: 12v DC Trapeze Lighting for Not Much Cash

Hello all here is my first Instructable,  'I hope its of some interest,'  this combines my desire to save cash and the opportunity I have had this year to build our family a house. When building our new house I decided to have all the lighting 12dc from source. to this end in the boiler room I have MPPT Solar controllers charging 12v 100AH old UPS batteries. I bought a boat 12v A/B switch and a 600W switch mode supply from China.  In this way I have a backup plan should my batteries die. All the wiring is as standard UK spec but I used Tri rated cable just to be sure.     I looked at a flying "trapeze " system and to buy it wholesale would be loosely £1100    I have build a comparable lighting system for under £100.  (excludes lamps although they are under £2 on Ebay.)   A good tip is to fix both ends and pull a guide string between then screw in the eyelets following the line.  The slightly tricky bit is soldering on the Croc clips.   other than that its very simple.      



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    I like the house. Just a quick question, is there any insulation on the trapeze wires or are they live?

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    the wires are bare galvanized electric fence wire, there is no danger as its 12v dc and low current, ist 1.2mm section 7 core I found electric fence wire to be the cheapest option

    here is a link to the public FB page that has the house build on

    feel free to browse around it, all local Oak and 99% of the work done by myself and my 2 teenage sons plus lots of help and support from my wonderful wife
    regards rob

    Oh I built the Green oak framed house myself for £1000 per Sq M if anyone is interested

    oh and the horrid green fly leads from the sockets have been replaced, the stainless steel blank plated have holes drilled in the middle and i used high wattage clear speaker cable to fly from the wall to the fence wire, i stripped out the metal connectors crom connector blocks to do the external joints, they ar ebrass and look good. I will try and get some photos of the details and post.

    Over a year in and we have yet to use any mains for lighting. I have upgraded the LED lamps to 4-5Watt units from 3W and they are much brighter and come in a number of white tints, still cheap off ebay but very good and still no impact to our storage capacity.