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Soo.... invited to that Halloween party last minute with nothing to wear? Need something easy/comfy/not too slutty?

This can remedy that.

Gather your supplies:
1 large or extra large white t-shirt (just make sure it covers your butt)
1 large or extra larger black t-shirt
lace trim
white cloth (1/4yd)
spray adhesive
good pair of cloth scissors
chalk pencil
t-shirt form or cardboard
hot glue gun/sticks

I spent about $15 on supplies, and this took me about 1.5hrs.

Step 1: Draw & Cut Out the Dress Form

Turn the black shirt inside out and put it on.  Go to the mirror and mark where you want the top of the dress to sit with the chalk pencil.  Mark where you want it to sit on the backside as well.

Take the shirt off and place over your cardboard/t-shirt from.  Finish you dress form with the chalk pencil, it's ok to draw over a couple of times since it's on the inside of the shirt.

Cut it out.

Step 2: Adhere

Remove the scrap black t-shirt and place the white t-shirt on the cardboard (right side out).

Lay out your dress forms in a well ventilated area that can get sticky.... lay down some newspaper. Spray the chalked-up side of the black form and line up the bottom with that of the white t-shirt.  Place carefullly...  and smooth out the form (this is a pain in the ass. If you're better with a sewing machine, I'd recommend that route)
Do the other side and let it dry.

Spray adhesive is sticky!  So watch your fingers, because jersey t-shirt sticks well to fingers. :D

Step 3: Make the Apron

Grab your white cloth and line it up on the dress. Draw out the apron form you want and cut it out.

Lay it backside up, and spray the edges.  Fold the edges over to make a hem (or sew a hem).

Spray the top of the apron (the backside) and place on the front of the t-shirt dress.

Cut out a length of lace trim and spray the back with the adhesive.  Line up with top of the apron.  You can also trim the hem as well, but I didn't have enough trim.

Step 4: Make the Back of the Apron

Cut two strips of the white cloth, about 3-4 inches wide. Lay flat and spray with adhesive/  Fold over the side to make a hem.  Spray the edges and attach to the back of the dress.  Tie a bow.

Step 5: Make the Headband

Cut out a short piece of lace trim and glue it onto your headband. 

Step 6: Draw Some Boobies

Just to add a little extra harhar, I drew some boobies and a titty tat.  Also, some shoulder blades on the back.

Put it on, put on your headband.  Get some fishnets/pantyhose, whatever, and a feather duster.

Heels, flats, tennies, funny shoes with fruits on them.

....and BOOM, done.

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