$15 Garbage Spike

Introduction: $15 Garbage Spike

OK, so my wife asked me to get her one of those 'Garbage Spikes' so she can pick up stuff in our yard.  For some reason, our yard acts as a collection point for the neighborhoods loose garbage every time the wind blows.  So, when my wife said she was actually going to do the cleaning up, instead of making me do it, I jumped at the task to go buy one.  Well, as it turns out, I couldn't find one locally, so I built one for $15.

Oh, and I didn't think to make the Instructable until after I was finished with it, so we don't have have 'in progress' pics.  sorry.

Step 1: Acquire Materials!

I went to Lowes to get parts this time because it was close by...  any hardware store should have this stuff. (I have listed the Lowes numbers for convenience)

Part description, Lowes Part number, Notes
60" Ash bow rake handle, 147671, This can be any handle really, this one just seemed to be the right size for me
8-32 x 1 3/4" bolts (4), 18771, we only need 3, but they come in 4 packs
8-32 Nylon washer lock nuts (4), 137446, we only need 3, but they come in 4 packs
4" SS cleanout cover plate, 253211, Doesn't have to be stainless, but I thought it was pretty :- )
3/8" x 1' all-thread, 44597, We will be using about 8" of this
3/8" fender washer (2), 68884
3/8" nylon washer lock nut (1), 51129, we only need one, but I bought a 25 count pack

Step 2: Lets Build This Thing Already!

Please refer to the finished picture.  As I've said before, I apologize for not taking step by step photos.

Push the threaded rod into the end of the handle, and drilled 3 - 3/16" holes through the rake handle and the rod using my drill press.
Then put #8 bolts through the holes, and put the #8 lock nuts on the other side.
Next, thread the 3/8" nylon nut down to about 1/2" away from the handle tip, then remove the #8 bolts.
At this point, I cut off about 4" of rod from the business end, but feel free to cut it at whatever length you want your spike.
On a grinding wheel, sharpen the end of the rod to a pencil point.  (Just hold the rod steady at a sharp angle, and rotate the rod until it has a nice point on it.)
If you want, you can use the grinding wheel to remove the rest of the threads from the rod up to your nylon nut.  (I did, I think it helps garbage slide up the rod easier)
Now, widen the hole in the cleanout cover to 3/8".
Slide onto the non sharpened edge of your spike: 1-3/8 fender washer, cleanout cover, and the other fender washer.
Then slide that assembly into your handle, and replace your #8 bolts.
Tighten the #8 nylon nuts, then you're 3/8" nylon nut.

You should now have something that looks similar to my picture.

Any questions, please ask below, and I will try to get to them.  This is my first instructable, and if this goes well, I may do some more.

Thanks for reading!

Step 3: Get Out There and Clean!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I take an old garden tool handle that is long enough and pre drill a hole an inch (+/-) in one end.
    Next I cut off the head of a LONG nail and tap the cut end into the pre drilled hole.
    I use a file to resharpen the nail when it needs it.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, I was being unfair and I had no right to dis your instructable in that way. I was missing the point of gaining satisfaction from the result. It really is a well made tool. Please accept my apologies, I guess I was in a bad mood.