15 Minute or Less Beaded Wrap Bracelet




Introduction: 15 Minute or Less Beaded Wrap Bracelet



Cording or string of your choice


Bracelet closures (optional)

Beads to fit on the cording

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Step 1:

Wrap the cording around your hand 3 times for the two center
strands and 5 times for the two outer strands.

Step 2:

Repeat that four times so you end up with four
strands, two of each length.

Step 3:

Tie the four strands together at the top using a regular knot by wrapping the four strands around each other and pulling tightly.

Step 4:

Tape above the knot onto a flat secure surface and separate the
four strands, the two longer strands on the outside and the shorter being the center two.

Tip: tape the two center strands onto the table to hold them in place

Step 5:

Put your beads onto the two center strands and keep them at the
bottom for use later.

Step 6: Preview of the Knots

Step 7:

Bring the left cord over the center two cords, to make the
number four.

Step 8:

Lay the right string over the remaining string of the
left cord and then put the right cord under the center of the four you made with the left cord.

Step 9:

Pull the two strings tightly away from each other to form the
square knot. When done with the left side do the same thing with the right side and continue to alternate using the right and left cord.

Step 10:

Repeat those steps until you make four knots and then pull a
bead from each center strand up to the fourth knot you made. (You can make however many knots you want until you want to add a bead)

Tip: If you lose your place on what side should be forming the 4 shape, what ever side of the previous knot loops over the strand is the one you should be making the 4 shape with next.

Step 11:

Repeat steps six through nine until you reach desired length.

Step 12:

When you finish making the knots using a four, put a closing
knot at the end using a basic knot like you did in step 3, or you can add an optional closure.

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