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Do you need to come up with a gift at the last minute but hate putting money in a card because it's not very personal? Here's a cute idea that anyone would love to get.

You'll need a ten dollar bill and a five dollar bill for this project.

(Or you could use 2 ten dollar bills and make it a $20 pant suit)

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Step 1: Shirt

Place the 10 dollar bill on a flat surface in front of you, face up.

Fold the right side up and over toward the left just to the edge of the eye as shown in picture.

Crease the fold with your fingernail.

Turn bill over.

Fold in half lengthwise. Crease.

Open and fold the outside edges to the center. Crease.

Step 2: Sleeves

Fold the edges diagonally toward the outside.


Turn bill over.

Step 3: Collar

This step is a little tricky but with a little practice, you'll get it down.

Fold up the bottom edge 1/4". Crease with fingernail.

Turn bill over and fold collar corners at an angle according to photo.

Fold the bill in half and tuck the top of the shirt under the collar.

Step 4: Pants

Fold the five dollar bill in half lengthwise.

Open, and fold the outside edges toward the center fold line. Crease.

Fold in half again and crease with fingernail.

Take this long slender piece and fold in half, at an angle, refer to picture.

Tuck folded edge of pants into the shirt.

You could use a 10 dollar bill for the pants if you like. (making this a 20 dollar pant suit)

Place pant suit in a birthday card.

Great idea for a last minute gift!

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3 years ago

wow i was making these when i was 5 .. i am now 31 and still make them.. :)

katvanlewPranav Jhunjhunwala

Reply 3 years ago

If you line up another bill beside the ten, you can see where to fold it. I've made these with ones and fives and twenties...It's fun to leave a tip at a restaurant with a couple of ones or a five and a one, the servers enjoy receiving them.


Reply 3 years ago

I didn't come up with this, several years ago I had a calendar with origami projects for each day and this was one of them.

my mom use to always leave a " shirt" for a tip. You have just made my day... she would have loved the pants part.

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