15 Min Frack!

Introduction: 15 Min Frack!

Ok this was a spur-of-the-moment project!
We were having a dinner starting 3.30 am(!) and was a so-called "fancy dinner" were everyone were to wear ball gowns or frack (a.k.a. coat-and-tails or penguin suit) but if you didn't have a real one then a substitute was ok.

So some of the girls started cutting out dresses out of black garbage bags and some guys did the same. Me and Elias (the model) wanted to really fancy it up.

So with 2 garbage sacks, black duct tape and carpet knife we did this creation within 15-20 minutes. It's a little short at the front as you can see but we ran out of material and needed to rush up to the welcome drink. The big pieces are cut out garbage bags, starting with the back, continuing with the arms and then ending with the front and sides. Duct tape to get everything into place and along the side to give it texture and a little more durability.

We didn't think about taking pictures during the process but I will re-create it when i have the time next week with instructions to how we did it. But right now I just want to show it off/brag a little about it!

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