150 Psi Air Cannon!

Introduction: 150 Psi Air Cannon!

Ever wanted to make a 15 dollar air cannon? Well I'll tell you how.

Step 1: Demo

Step 2: Parts

Here is a list of parts you need to get
- 2'' pressure rated PVC pipe
- 2'' end cap
- 2'' to 3\4'' female threaded adapter
3 - 3\4'' male adapters
- 3\4 ball valve
- 3\4 pipe
- air check valve of some kind
- Teflon tape

I found Lowes was a great place to get all of them.

Step 3: The Cannon Barrel

Cut the 3\4'' pipe piece to the length you want the barrel to be. (Tip longer barrel means stronger shots but a short barrel is more portable.) Then insert the barrel into the 3\4'' male adapter after using PVC primer and glue. Push together, hold and wait to dry. do this with all slip connections.

Step 4: The Ball Valve

Wrap the Teflon tape around the threads of all the male adapters counterclockwise. then screw the male adapters in to both sides of the ball valve. (Screw the one in that has the barrel on one end.) Make sure it's tight.

Step 5: The Connection

Take the remaining male adapter and prime and glue a small pice of 3\4'' pipe into it. then take the other male adapter that is in the ball joint valve and glue the pipe into it.

Step 6: The Adapter

Prime and glue the adapter on to the coupling and put the coupling on to the 2'' pipe. Then screw the part you already made into the adapter.

Step 7: Valve

You are going to need a valve. it needs to be resistant to air pressure. you are going to need like a bike pump valve or a compressor valve and attach it to your 2'' end cap. I used a valve off and old inner tube and glued it over a hole i drilled in the cap. (not recommended)

Step 8: The End Cap

Prime and glue the end cap onto the 2'' PVC pipe. Wait for it to dry. I think you'll like the next step!

Step 9: BOOM!

Close the ball valve and pump up the cannon through the valve on the end cap to the desired pressure and then open the ball valve fast. A lot of air will come shooting out and what ever is in the way of the air is gonna shot off. I like shooting water and rockets.

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5 years ago on Introduction

Looks cool! I'm hoping to make a similar thing for a semi-automatic, bicycle-pump powered blowgun. Can you tell me, how did the ball valve work out? Did it release the air quick enough for a powerful shot?

Inventing 101
Inventing 101

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Yes but if you leave the valve alone for a long time than it will get harder to turn.