$15.00 Pneumatic PVC Sniper




This is a pneumatic PVC sniper I made for $15.00. It can shoot over 92.5 meters (300 feet) with some accuracy and 9 to 15 meters (30-50 feet) accurately. It holds 100 psi but 60 psi is enough.

Step 1: PARTS

Here is a list of all the parts.

1:(2) male 1/2 in threaded-slip adapter
2:(1) 5 ft of 1/2 in PVC pipe
3:(1) 1 ft of 2 in 280 psi PVC pipe
4:(1) 2 in to 1/2 in PVC reducer bushing
5:(1) 2 in PVC coupling
6:(1) thread seal tape
7:(1) 1/2 in threaded metal gas ball valve
8:(1) 2 in PVC end cap
*9:(1) Schrader tier valve
*10:(x) baby carrots

Tools: Drill with 1/2 in bit, Saw, Supper-glue, PVC primer and cement.

  • tier valve can be gotten for free at most car tier dealers. Everything else can be found at Lowes or any other hardware store in the plumbing section. you can use as many baby carrots as you want for ammo.

Step 2: Chamber Assembly

To make the chamber first cut the 2 in PVC pipe to 1 foot Then drill a 1/2 in hole 2.5 in from an end of the pipe. fit the tier valve into the hole and pull it through. It should pop into place where the groove is on the valve. Then PVC prime and cement the 2 end-cap on the side with the tier valve. Next PVC prime and cement the 2 in to 1/2 in PVC reducer bushing to the 2 in PVC coupling. (it should be flush) After that prime and cement the 2 in coupler to the other end of the 2 in PVC pipe. Next Cut 2 in of the the 1/2 in PVC pipe off. and prime and cement one male 1/2 in threaded-slip adapter to the 2 in piece of 1/2 in PVC pipe and prime and cement the other side into the 1/2 in side of the reducer bushing (it should be almost flush) THE CHAMBER IS NOW DONE

Step 3: THE Barrel and Quick-release Ball Valve

For the barrel all you need to do is cut the 1/2 in PVC pipe to the barrel size of your choice. i cut mine to 3 ft 6 in. 2 ft 7 in is the smallest you should cut the barrel to. (remember, you can always cut the barrel shorter if you have to) After you cut the 1/2 in pipe, prime and cement the other male 1/2 in threaded-slip adapter to one end of the pipe. For the valve just use thread seal tape on the male threaded-slip adapter on the chamber. (make sure you just use a little bit because then the valve will be hard to screw on) Be sure to use force to secure the ball-valve to the adapter. and screw it onto the adapter all the way. then use some more thread seal tape around the small gap between the ball-valve and adapter.


Let the PVC cement sit for AT LEAST 24 hours before use. This barrel is removable and you do not need to use thread seal tape on the barrel. Use a Schrader bike pump and pump the chamber to no more than 100 psi. For ammo I found that baby carrots that are shoved in to the top of the barrel and then plunged down to the end with a wooden dowel are good if they are cylinder enough. to make it easier to reload. (put the ammo in the top of the barrel and then shove it to the bottom) You can buy a 1/2 in coupler and have that PVC primed and cemented to the male adapter coming out of the ball-valve that the barrel goes in. (use thread seal tape on this one now) Then every time you need to reload just pull of the barrel from the coupler and load the ammo. then replace the barrel back into the coupler.

REMEMBER be safe and smart when using this PVC gun it is VERY DANGEROUS. also be creative you can mod this to an even better one. You can also use different size pipes for the barrel so it will shoot what best suits your needs. if you change the size of the barrel make sure you buy the right types of pieces for it. (if you want a 3/4 in barrel then buy 3/4 in male adapters, 3/4 in ball-valve, and a 2 in to 3/4 in reducer bushing)




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    6 Discussions

    Gas ball valves open insanely fast! I am building this out of steel. It will be done in a week, and provide years of shooting fun. I have two street elbows so it has the chamber under the barrel. The whole gun is under 4 feet long. I did not use PVC so I can go to 200 psi, the maximum of the compressor.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    actually i dont think you should call it "sniper". it has no scope, not even sights. and then, the gun would wobble when triggering the ball valve, which makes it less accurate.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Isn't the tire valve going to open fast enough? Because i always thought that the best thing to use is a sprinkler valve

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     Trust me it opens fast enough. if you think it needs to open faster put a FEW drops of WD-40 on the ball it will open when you tap it. i do recommend making the barrel and everything but the chamber 3/4'' because it is more accurate and powerful.