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Introduction: Lift Kit for Work Desk

So in the spirit of a new year approaching and my expanding waist line I thought I would be proactive and order a stand up desk. When my manager seen the price.. Well, we decided to go in a different direction. Being of "Southern Heritage" I thought it only proper to put a lift kit on it! I used scrap wood from our R&D area that is close to the same size as a 2x6. I stand 6'2" when standing on my fancy new anti-fatigue mat I'm close to 6'4" so if you decide to follow this Instructable you may need to adjust the height based off your own height. I put a 16" lift on my desk to make it sit at 45" tall. This is just shy of elbow when I am standing on the anti fatigue mat.

*Please find a near by helping hand to lift the desk in sections onto the platform.*

Step 1: Getting Started

Here is my desk as it sat before the project. Its a standard L shaped desk that is 72" one direction and 66" the other direction.

Step 2: Clear Everything Off

Get all your stuff off the top of your desk. If you have heavy items in your desk drawers you may want to remove them also. This is a good time to remove the screws under your desk holding the L section to your desk.

Step 3: Making the Lift Platform: Section A

I made my lift platform in sections so that I could move it easier from our work shop into my office. You may need to adjust you lengths based off your height needs. I made mine 16" tall. I assembled them with 2 1/2" screws.

The First Section:

Cut (2) 2x6 @ 24 1/4"

(4) 2x6 @ 13"

Step 4: Making a Lift Platform: Section B

Second Section:

Cut: (2) 2x6 @ 30 1/4"

(4) 2x6 @ 13"

Step 5: Making a Lift Platform: Section C

Third Section

Cut: (2) 2x6 @ 59 1/4"

(4) 2x6 @13"

Step 6: Making a Lift Platform: Section D

Fourth Section:

Cut: (2) 2x6 @ 69"

(4) 2x6 @ 13"

Step 7: Putting It Together

Clear out the area you want you desk to go. I started with my longest section which was Section D.

Step 8: Looking Like Something Now

I then placed Section C flush with Section D. Then I set Section B flush to the End of Section C as shown in the photo.

Step 9: Adding Last Section

Last I placed Section A flush to the end of Section D as shown in the picture.

Step 10: Screw It All Together

I used 2 1/2" screws to fasten each of the section together. You will want to predrill these to keep the wood from splitting.

Step 11: Added Security

I added a cross base from scrap wood to the bottom and top of the insides of the sections and screwed them in place. These parts are about 2" thick.

Step 12: A Little Extra Security

After getting everything lifted. I decided it needed to be attached somehow to keep it from falling 16" to the floor. So to resolve this I cut 1" section from a piece of 1" angle iron and drilled holes in the middle of each side. I attached these with sheet metal screws to the feet of each leg.

Step 13: TADA

Here is my desk lifted up onto the 16" platform. The top of my desk sits at 45".

Step 14: Almost Forgot..

Don't forget to put your screws back in your L section.

Step 15: Shamless Promotion

Decided to put my sticker on my desk from the glue contest.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I like it! I put my old 1970's era steel desk up on supports a couple years back and it's been great.

    I ended up building a taller base for my old office chair too, so when I really feel like sitting for a bit, I still can. But I stand about 80 - 90% of the time.

    Good project, nice to see how you did yours!


    3 years ago

    Yeah I know it doesn't go back down to a sitting position but this will force me to stand.