16777216 Colors Glittering and Glowing

Introduction: 16777216 Colors Glittering and Glowing

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With Pure white Glitters and RGB LED we can able to produce 16777216 of glitters.

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Step 1: Plans

I have three plans to get 16777216 glitters

Plan 1

Focus a RGB light to a glitter object or picture.

Plan 2

Create a Photo Frame with RGB leds focus inside the picture

Plan 3

Create a night lamp umbrella to focus the object.

Plan 3 is very cheap to done. So i selected that plan.

Step 2: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Hard plastic ball.

2) Pure White glitter.

3) Hot Glue Gun.

4) Pop stick

5) Multicolor Flash LED Light (RGB light)

6) Castor Oil

7) Potentiometer.

8) 5V DC adapter.

9) Double Side tape

10) Plan nail polish.

11) Bottle for hold the ball.

Step 3: Prepare the Umbrella

1) Paste the double side tape on one side of the ball.

2) Fix the ball over any bottle to hold the ball easy.

3) Apply oil to the top portion of the ball.

4) By using hot glue gun, apply glue over the top half portion of the ball zig zag like umbrella.

5) Allow the glue gun to dry.

6) Remove the glue from the ball. Its look like umbrella.

Step 4: Apply Glitter and Glow

1) Apply nail polish to the umbrella.

2) Spray as much as Glitters over the umbrella (both top and Bottom).

3) Prepare the Flash LED (or RGB LED), connect the wires and hot glue the terminals.

4) Fix the Light in the middle of the umbrella. Its now ready to hang.

Step 5: Prepare Stand

1) Take 6 Pop stick.

2) Glue the two edges of the pop stick to form the 'Shape' its is the base.

3) Take another two pop stick and make 'V' shape in the long edge and Glue it vertical. Its is the pole.

4) Take another two pop stick and make 'V' shape in the long edge. Expand a Jump clip and make it as 'L' Shape. Join this pop stick with Pole Pop stick using that 'L' shape Jump clip (Used to up down the light)

5) Hang the umbrella u made in the edge of the pop stick and pass the wire through the 'V' shape, so wire hidden under the pop stick.

Step 6: Connection

Give the connection as per diagram. Use Potentiometer to change the brightness and flash type.

Step 7: Show Case

Apply Glitters to the show case dolls and place it below the lamp and Switch on the adapter. I show 2 statue pictures.

(My camera cant able to take the photo of Glitter in the umbrella and object)

Step 8: Crystal Effect

When u place Crystal below the umbrella mind blowing effect found. Glitter in the umbrella and glow in the object.

Make one and place crystal doll and comment me.

(My camera cant able to take the photo of Glitter in the umbrella and object)

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