16F84A VGA Test

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Have you ever thought of this ?
That you can generate any kind of signals using your little Microcontroller PIC16F84A. And one of these signals is the VGA signal that appears on your PC monitor. I thought of this idea but I couldn't implement it. But I found it at this website. So I wanted to try if it is working and share it with you.

I found an old web page containing this project http://tinyvga.com/pic-vga . I just made some minor modification on that project and put it into a real circuit. I found that the there is a small timing issue in this software that makes the monitor flicker repeatedly.

The circuit is very simple. It consists of the Microcontroller PIC16F84A and the 15 pin female VGA connector.

This is the schematic diagram of the circuit

This is the pinout of the VGA connector

There is a simple hint for your when downloading the software on the Microcontroller . Make sure that the configuration is :




I took this pictures for the monitor after running the program.

This picture shows the circuit.

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Here is the link for the Proteus 7 Model , source code and Hex file :


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