17 Great April Fools Pranks

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For this instructable I am going to show you 17 mischievous pranks that you can play on your family and friends. beware :-)

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Step 1: Frozen Breakfast

I was unable to get a picture of this prank but all you do is freeze a bowl of cereal over night and in the morning for a tiny bit of milk over the top you to make it look like it is not frozen. Then serve it to your kid they will they will try and put their spoonin but they will not be able to because it's frozen :p jabbing a frozen cereal.

Step 2: Salt in Water

This is a classic when you're friend or family member is not looking pour salt in their water when they drink it will be nasty. Hahaha

Step 3: Hot Hot Hot!

This prank is the best what you need is a friends cup at a restaurant so grab a hot sauce packet and cut it open stick the the bottom of their straw in it and hide it in the cup & replace the lid. When your friend comes back he or she will take a drink and start gagging because they're drinking hot sauce. Whahahaha

Step 4: Sour Milk

Simple but classic. Put a few drops of green food dye into a carton of milk no one will be able to see it till they pour it into their cereal they'll think it's rotten.

Step 5: Horrible Candy

Open up a twix then hollow out the cookie from the inside then fill the inside with salt and red pepper flakes close it up again and offer it to your friend. you can guess the rest.

Step 6: Fake Poop

This is also a classic but if you do it right you can trick your friends. Grab a tootsie roll and massage and add some oats and maybe some Cheerios bits then roll it up and make it look less uniformed. then place it somewhere on the toilet seat and wait.

Step 7: One Word Bang

Do you know those party poppers face off the ground and they make a really loud noise? What you need for the suggest some transparent tape and a party popper. so just take a party popper to where the door shuts and. And when someone comes to shut the door it'll make a big bang.

Step 8: Plastic Wrap on Toilet

This prank can get messy. Put some plastic wrap under the Toilet seat then put the seat down. it is best to do this at night because then know one will notice. When some does there business. Well you get the idea.

Step 9: Rubber Band on Faucet

put a rubber band on the extra faucet sprayer. So when someone turns on the sink they get wet.

Step 10: Bad Bannana

Poke a needle in a banana and spice through it in several spots. only slouching the inside. so when someone opens it it is sliced.

Step 11: Forcing Someone to Get Messy

Put some lotion or shaving cream on the person's dominant hand and then tickle their nose with a feather their hand will come up to their face to wipe away the feather and get it all over their face.

Step 12: Stuck Coin

Glue a quarter to the concrete. People will see it and try and get it and won't be able to.

Step 13: Bad Remote

Get some electric tape and cut a piece the same size as the sensor on the front of a remote put it over the sensor. When someone goes to mess with the TV they won't be able to do anything with it. Hahaha.

Step 14: You Won!

I did this prank to my mom. I am always entering contests and so I sent myself an email with the words you see in the picture. and showed it to my mom. she believed it and got so excited.

Step 15: Kick Me

Classic. write something on a post it note like kik me, tickle me, pinch me then put it on someone's back.

Step 16: Your Face Looks Ridiculous

This is also like the most classic prank in the books when someone is sleeping put lipstick or something all over their face.

Step 17: Fake Throw Up

Okay my brother tricked my dad with this one he put some oats and water in a cup and then and then poured it into the toilet at the same time say blaaa then pretend that you just threw up and wait for a reaction.

Step 18: What's That Noise

Put a party popper into a smoothie size straw and shoot it at someone. they will jump when they hear the pop.

Step 19: That's All Folks

Well guys that's all for now I hope you enjoy these classic and not so classic pranks. don't get into too much trouble :) Don't forget to vote.

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2 years ago

I will do #16 15 13 12 to my brother or sister tomorrow?


2 years ago

I wonder what my mom's reaction would be to this...


2 years ago

No offence but this is titled wrong it should be "my favorite April fools pranks" not ones you made because I have seen all of these...


3 years ago

thats funny




4 years ago

Yuck! Step 11!


4 years ago on Introduction

Somebody did the coin trick in my workshop class. The person who found it got impatient and scraped it off the table with a utility knife. That was even funnier.

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Please be careful with the salt in water prank - even a relatively small dose of salt can be deadly.