17-shot Knex Pistol + Mount




Introduction: 17-shot Knex Pistol + Mount

This is the improved version of the 10-shot pistol + mount.
I give legofanatic 98% of the credit, because i used his 5-shot pistol
The mount is now more stable and durable.

I hope you like it!

 (This is version 1.1: https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-10-shot-pistol-mount/)



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    I used you magazine mod, but whenever I tried to fire, the round would get caught on the one below it. Nice mod, though.

    i modded the original gun (10 shots) to hold over 25 yellow rods in the mag,
    can't post pictures because already broke apart the gun to make a different one
    only had the (25 shot modded gun i made) for just over a week
    its good but i wouldn't recommend modding the mag for 25 shots because it jams way too many times in just one mag

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    yep, found that out to.
    after that i tried to make a box mag, but it failed and the gun was modded to much so i destroyed it.

    Mount for pistol=bad idea. Hinge trigger? Fix it. Okay mag though.

    it helps if you want to guard your rooms door, because with a bit of string you can fire it for a distance, like me firing it from my chair before the pc.

    IAC's pistol doesn't always block the ram, this on always blocks it.
    but i know thats true