18" Doll Peacock Costume

About: Black Lionhead Rabbit

This costume also works for American Girl Doll Brand, Target Brand, Walmart Brand, and 18" dolls

Sorry for the bad pictures they are from the Ipod 4 :(

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Step 1: The Hair

For the dolls hair all I did was put part of the hair in the front of the dolls head and put it in a bun on top of your dolls head. Then for the rest of the hair you just put it into a bun like the other one but let it dangle low.

Step 2: Accessories

I made the earrings out of Duct Tape and two round diamond gem. I also rolled up small pieces of Duct Tape to create little rectangles. Then I put the circle diamond bling on the top to create the earring, it also should just stick onto the dolls ears on its own. When the earring sticks onto the ear it does not leave a residue on the ear from the sticky Duct Tape.

A second part of the accessories are just simple little green diamond gems on the hands that I stuck onto the hands. This also does not leave any residue on the doll.

Step 3: The Costume

All I did for the costume is trace a leotard then cover the trace in fabric, then I just used Duct Tape as a type of velcro. For the feathers in the back is make crad board rectangles and point the ends then i just covered them in Duct Tape, then attached them to the costume.

I hope you can follow my steps and make your own!!! Good Luck!

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