18 Face Globe Knot




This knot was introduced to me by Dan Callahan of the pineapple knot forum. For the knot in the photo I used a 1" OD wooden ball, 550 paracord, and mini cord.

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Step 1:

Bring Working End up and wrap around index and middle fingers going over, under and over.

Step 2: 18 Face Globe Knot

Bring Working End up over, under, over

Step 3:

Turn your hand over. You will see four cords.

Step 4:

Take the cord that was second from the right and bring it under and over the cords to its left.

Step 5:

Take the cord on the extreme right and bring it over and under the two cords to its left

Step 6:

Bring the Working End under, over, under, over.

Step 7:

The knot is complete and ready to be placed over a core and finished as desired.



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