1920's Thompson [Tommy] Machine Gun (TMG)




Introduction: 1920's Thompson [Tommy] Machine Gun (TMG)

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A blast from the WAYYYY past, the Thompson (Tommy) Gun was the Mafia's signature weapon to strike fear in the hearts in New York's citizens. Now, make your own and put it into the hands of your favorite bionicle figure!

Step 1: TMG Part 1

Step 2: TMG Part 2

The x-bar you see in the picture is a length of 3

Step 3: TMG Part 3

Step 4: TMG Part 4

Step 5: TMG Part 5

Step 6: TMG Part 6

Step 7: TMG Part 7 (end)

The reason this one was so simple to make is because it was my first lego gun. I just uploaded the submachine gun first because I wanted to make a good first impression into the instructables community.



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    uhh cool gun but the mafia did not poplulate Newyork They were in russia.
     it was various gangsters during the prohibition time that wielded this gun. The mafia is a syndicate and never used Tommy guns (correct me if im wrong on that one)
     but any way cool instructable!

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    There were gangsters in New York who were also referred to the mob. Think about Al Capone and all the others. And the mafia was primarily in Italy, not Russia.

    history323,they were used by gangsters,in fact only 1 out of a 1,000 don`t use

    YAY! Thompson! I love those things! Can you make a Dragunov?

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    Lol creepy. I actually have a giant collection of little bionicle/ technic guns that I made when I was younger. Most are based off of real guns but not exactly the same. They're still all sitting on my chair. I think I have like 30 of them. Most have "removable magazines" and other features. Two have removable drums. I made option bipod and silencer attachments and stuff like that. You can tell how bored I was for a couple hours each day of a week.

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    Because I couldn't find the LEGO section, I tried to find it, but they don't have otll have to recheck on that one.

    There is no lego section. The only lego section is the lego guide I posted.

    We need a lego section. I gave up lego around 2 years ago, but I still have more lego than knex.

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    The thing is, there are very many Lego instructables, as apposed to the 2,000 K'NEX instructables. a LEGO section is really not needed. I figure that K'NEX and LEGO are close enough to be in the same section.