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Introduction: 1950s Poppy Dress

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I say this is 1950s, because it was based on a 1950s-style pattern, but I shortened it quite a lot. The ladies of the 1950s probably didn't show of this much leg! I don't have a tutorial for this one, because I made it a little while ago. But I thought I would share it, because I'm pretty proud of how it worked out.

I bought a pattern and then adapted it by adding the low 'v' at the back and shortening the skirt. I also added the sash with remaining fabric.

I have worn this for two weddings already with red shoes and bag. I made a net petticoat to go underneath, but it's not my best work...it was very itchy to wear!

This is a New Look pattern (number 6616 to be precise). Don't forget that all patterns come up massive - like 2 sizes too big, so measure with care!x

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Glad you like it, Penolopy. When I make something else, I will do a tutorial. I'm also hoping to make a better net to go with this dress (will post that too). You should have a go at working from a pattern, once you get going it's very easy and most patterns even have a note to say how experienced a dressmaker you need to be. Good brands are 'Simplicity' and 'New Look.' Good luck!

    Very cute dress! I hope you'll be posting more as you make more :) I want to start making more of my own clothes and love seeing how people do it.