1967 Cub Cadet 104

Introduction: 1967 Cub Cadet 104

This is my second garden tractor restoration , the first being a 1967 Cub model 72 . I had always wanted to restore something and garden tractors filled that need . Everything has been either painted ( 10% ) or powder coated (90%) . I also restored the transmission tag which is the serial number of this tractor and have produced my own Kohler engine tag as they are no longer available from the manufacturer . Chrome parts have been rechromed . Worn or broken parts repaired or replaced . A new wire harness , decals , points, condenser and spark plug as well as new tires with tubes . I also added what were originally options in 1967 ; headlights and sleeve hitch . I am finishing my last tractor, a Cub model 124 which will be my last one as the itch has been scratched .

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    Nice restoration job. Do you have any pictures of the work in progress?


    Reply 1 year ago

    Well, as you can see I very seldom look at this web site . I have a ton of pictures but I doubt they would want me to load their server up . Your welcome to contact me on Yahoo as mike912e . Of course they only allow small batches of pics to get uploaded there as well . I'm also on FB as mikemccrabb .

    This is my 104 which I still have . I also restored a 124 which I sold about 6 months ago and a 72 which was sold three years ago . I'm back to building and flying radio controlled airplanes now .

    pics from 8g stick 373.jpgpics from 8g stick 1280.JPG

    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    What size are the front tires and rims? And where did you find them? Looks beautiful!!


    4 years ago

    Wow, that's a gorgeous little tractor. Well done! :)