1976 Crestliner Rebuild





Introduction: 1976 Crestliner Rebuild

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Started new business, along with my property service I now offer boat refurbishing. Specializing in older completely thrashed power boats. I do it all. From engine to detailing, upholstery to wiring ,at a reasonable price, enough where owner can recover upon sale. Done quite a few, now I'm starting to record my work. First one with pics, is 76 AMF crestliner. Doing a 74 Glastron now and have better step by step to share Lots of tricks for these older boats. Found out that if I take 100's of photos it really helps in reinstall. Price on this one was $1750.00, hadn't been in water since 2005, little work to get running, redid wiring in new dash, new carpet, and upholstery, wood and decal work. Fair price, Ready for fun



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    Next posting will have quite a bit more DYI, Best process, hide all hardware, all the things that will make an older boat POP. Make the interior look like a custom boat.

    great job, I have a project boat too for this summer. It's an 80s sea ray camper


    Whoa! The upholstery looks amazing. :D

    That is a really good price for a boat!