1991 Honda ST1100 Red Marker Lights to Replace Expensive Reflector.

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My reflectors are at the cheapest, and rare, 25.00 to replace. So, why would I want to do that when there is something I can do that's cheaper and possibly even safer. 2 x 6.99 LED markers to replace a 25.00 reflector. Laws in your state as to what color and where it can be placed can save you some trouble.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a prime example, once again, of using something else instead of what the manufacturer intends for you to do, and is almost never more expensive to do it your own way.
    I could have easily used two flat reflectors for .50 but I just had to light it.
    The theory is, it will show my outside dimensions when I'm out on the road and vehicles approach.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I totally agree ! I don't think you can have too many lights on a motorcycle or any vehicle for that matter, my moms silverwing and dads goldwing both had extra brake/running lights on the saddle bags and the bottom of the front fairing. As for manufacturers...PFFFFFT !! Several years ago the bottom radiator hose on my daughters caviler needed replacing, it was some engineering nightmare with a Y and the replacement hose was like $180us! ! I bought 2feet of 1.5" copper pipe and had a plumber friend make me a Y fitting for less than $20 then I bought a long radiator hose and several clamps for about $25 and made my own engineering nightmare and then there's the $45 broken headlight switch replaced with a $3, 3 position toggle switch.... Ride Safe...