1.Inroduction:Guard Tower Versus Bugs

Hello everyone! We are Mustards from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)Joint Institute. Our team is energetic and ready to take “spicy” challenges! This manual is for our VG100 project.

SJTU, one of the top universities in China, lies in Shanghai and Joint Institute(JI), a leading engineering school founded in 2006 by SJTU and UM. Two undergraduate programs has just been accredited by ABET this year.

VG100 is class bout introduction to engineering and aims at training first rated engineers. Students are divided into 20 groups.

Project1 of VG100 relates to Warzone Tower Defense, in another word, a bug :a tower-defense game.

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Step 1: 2.Game Rules

About tower:

﹡Being made of A4 paper(80g) and white wood glue only

﹡Using no more than 3 stacking paper

﹡Placing electronic components on the top and sensors at bottom

﹡Having height more than 60cm

About bug:

﹡Having a vertical board sized 15cm×10cm

﹡Fixing a light sensor attached to the center of vertical board

﹡Fixing light sensor height 5cm

﹡Having speed range 0.2~0.3m/s

﹡Going straight

About game:

﹡Killing bugs (making bugs stop) by lasers
emitting from the tower top

﹡Bug wins when approaching tower not killed (stopped)

﹡Adjusting bug and tower after each round (3 round in total)

﹡Releasing bugs from 3 out of 4 paths randomly

﹡Tower wins when killing 3 bugs

﹡Bug wins when not killed

Our team adjusted our tower 5 time trials about 1 hour and killed one bug in game day!

(Here is the video link to our game day!)( YOUKU)

Step 2: 3.Purchasing List

  • picture 1 shows the main components
  • picture 2,3,4 shows detailed material list

Step 3: 4.Concept Diagram

  • picture 1 shows exploded view of tower
  • picture 2 shows exploded view of bug
  • picture 3 shows circuit of tower
  • picture 4 shows circuit of bug

Step 4: 5.Building Bug

<1> Making the baseboard and the front board

(1) Cutting two boards as the pictures have shown(be care with saw!!!!)

(2) Drilling two “hole 1” s (3mm diameter) for screws to combine two boards as shown in the picture1 (be careful with drill!!)

(3) Drilling four “hole 2”s (3mm diameter) for screws to fix motor racks as shown in the picture2 (be careful with drill!!)

<2> Fixing motors and wheels

(1) Fixing a motor and a wheel with a coupling as shown in the picture 3

(2) Installing motor racks on base board with 4 “hole 2” by screws

(3) Preparing two gray sensors as shown in the picture 4

<3> Fixing other base board components

(1) Pasting Arduino board, batteries, motor
driver on base board as shown in picture 5, 6, 7 using sponge rubber

(2) Finishing base board and preparing conjunction structure as shown in picture 8

<4>Fixing front board

(1) Pasting bread board in the center of front board as shown in picture 9

(2) Fixing photo sensor (be aware that only 4 ports are used) as shown in picture 10

<5> Assembling two boards

(1) Assembling two boards together with conjunction structure using strews

(2) Making a paper reflect structure and stick photot sensor by sponge rubber as shown in picture 11

(3) Finishing bug

Step 5: 6.Bug Trouble Shooting

  • Connecting ENA & ENB to PWM digital ports(PWM: Digital ports with"~")
  • Changing ENA/ENB to make car go straight (ENA may not equal to ENB)
  • Charging Arduino with 9V
  • Using four wheels to balance the car
  • Connecting "GND" port of Arduino & "-" of battery in the same L298N hole
  • Pluging all wires tightly
  • Welding ports firmly
  • Changing batteries frequently

Step 6: 7.Building Tower

<1>.Making paper structure

(1) Dividing an A4 paper into 8 equal parts as shown in the first picture

(2) Cutting A4 paper into needed pieces as shown in the second picture

(3) Folding paper and gluing two rectangles into one as shown in the third picture

(4) Arranging all the paper parts together as shown in the forth picture

  • 3 triangular prisms of 60cm length (pasted by two A4 papers
  • 24 triangular prisms of 15cm length (one A4 paper makes 4)
  • 24 triangular prisms of 7.5cm length (one A4 paper makes 8

(Making more to back up!)

(5) Pasting all triangular prism together

  • Length of 60cm in the middle
  • Length of 7.5cm on the top making a hexagonal prism
  • Length of 15cm at the bottom making a hexagonal prism

(2) Cutting a hole on the top to place servo

<2>.Making mechanical parts

(1) Using screw fix a board on the horizontal servo as shown in picture 7 & 8

(2) Cutting batteries wires and connecting to laser as shown in picture 9

(3) Using screw and a cross to fix laser on the vertical servo as shown in picture 10& 11

(4) Putting vertical servo on top of board of horizontal servo using sponge rubber as shown in picture 12

(5)Fixing 4 distance sensors on the bottom of paper tower using sponge rubber (height 5cm) as shown in picture

13&14 in four directions

<3>.Assembling the tower

(1) Placing the horizontal servo on the top hole and stick Arduino, bread board & battery on the platform

Step 7: 8.Tower Trouble Shooting

  • Protecting tower from water and bending
  • Connecting servos to digital 9 or 10
  • Adjusting one distance sensor lining up to horizontal servo 0°(accord with code)

Step 8: 9. Reminders

  • Protecting tower from water and bending
  • Using same color wires for same ports
  • Choosing light servo with large bases
  • Making tower base bigger

Step 9: 10.Final System View

Have fun and contact us by email if you have any ideas about Warzone Tower Defense!



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