Introduction: 1OSB

About: Hi there, my name is Jasper Wellink. I am a Woodworker and Designer. Currently I am working as a technician at 3devo because I took interest in 3d-printing technologies. I will be posting new content soon. *...

I made the design with FreeCAD @ WAAG, Amsterdam.

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Step 1: Have a Look at the Model

THE CABINET is an exported .stl file, take a look if you like my Cabinet. If you like it it's all up for grabs.

Step 2: I Made This Drawing in Inkscape (opensource)

These are the parts for the model portrayed in the header image.

Most post processors take .dxf for 2d fabrication.

I've made this .dxf in a way that is environmentally responsible. And that was one of the goals with this design. Make it compact and easily reproducible.

Step 3: This Is the Order I Milled the Parts In


The lines are 5mm separated so it you don't place the tab's correctly you can damage parts. This separation width is made so a double pass is evaded.

Step 4: Milling

At FabLab Waag one can make use of the ShopBot milling machine available there.


-18mm OBS board


-5mm flat end mill. (double slit upspiral)
-60mm/s - 100mm/s (small parts - big parts straight w/ axis)

Step 5: Building

Add layers, you can design your own setup.

I recommend if you want to build taller than 1000mm you use 6 to 10 clamps per layer.

Reminder: incorporate the changes made in the design in your .SVG and/or .DFX file.

Step 6: Finishing

Don't Forget Those Furniture Gliders, these will keep the legs from damaging the floor and vice versa.

And sand all the sharp corners.

Step 7: 1OSB by JaWell

I've added a filament holder.

I've added the info about that in another instructable.

Step 8: These Are the Drawings for the Milling Process.

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