1w 445nm Altoids Tin Laser

Introduction: 1w 445nm Altoids Tin Laser

I this instructable i will show how to make a 1w 445nm laser in an altoids tin can.

This laser is capable of burning through almost anything. It can start fires, pop balloons, ignite matches, melt plastic, burn paper, cut electrical tape, engrave wood... Ect.

As you can imagine there are endless possibilities but should only be used in the hands of a responsible person.

Step 1: Obtain the Parts...

The parts needed are:
- 1w 445nm laser diode in aixiz module (if you want to buy the diode and module separately you can)

- altoids can (obviously)

- 445nm glass lens- http://bit.ly/1fgdOh1

- 1x 2AA battery holder- http://bit.ly/1dWJWCh

- 7805 5v regulator (1A recommended, as 1.5A will shorten your diodes life)- http://bit.ly/1nFbVPA

- 12mm heatsink for laser module.- http://bit.ly/1nFc2L9

- 1 momentary switch (normally- open)- http://bit.ly/1nFc9pK

- 1 switch (optional, recommended for safety switch)- http://bit.ly/1nFcfOc

- 2 female connection ports, 1 male connection
port- http://bit.ly/1nFcBEA

- 2 14500 AA batteries (rechargeable)- http://bit.ly/1nFcE3m

*** pls check all specifications of the products u buy and make sure that they will fit in these dimensions of the altoids box:

3-13/16" (9.68 cm) long
2-7/16" (6.19 cm) wide
3/4" (1.91 cm) deep

**** NECESSARY: eye safety laser glasses- http://bit.ly/1nFcKI8

/////All of these items can be obtained online on ebay for around $100\\\\\\

Step 2: Start Building...

Its pretty self explanatory... But what i did was make a connection before the 2 switches to the laser and also straight to the negative wire of the laser, i put a connection to switch between the AC power and DC power.
If you are going to do what i did... USE ONLY A USB WALL CHARGER ADAPTER THAT IS 1A and 5V! Or lower in amps. I will show how to wire the usb charger...
* use an iPhone charger wall outlet usb adapter because it has the exact specs of 1A (1000mA) and 5v

... Connect the usb positive and negative wires to the female port connection wires and ignore the data wires.

I am responsible for nothing.



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    8 Discussions

    Hi, I'm trying to replicate this. I have all the parts and I think I have everything wired correctly, I was just wondering if you could send me more detailed pictures if I have you an email. My problem now is that my regulator is heating up super fast. I am using a higher gauge wire though, is that an issue?

    laser diode, lens, and heat sink links would be awesome plz. these are things you really dont wanna just try to buy anywhere. if your componets worked out for you i would like to use your vendor :)

    Well those are the 2, im not sure how to edit without completely republishing it

    Oh wait let me just put it on the instructable itself

    Awesome. Can you post a link to where I can find the same laser module and lens?