1wire 4 Fiber Topology

Introduce new way how to use 1wire temperature sensors

Step 1: UniPi Connection

UniPi board includes 1wire master microchip.

There is new type of 1 wire sensors which are made with 4 fiber cable.

Position in RJ45 connector:

5- VCC

6- Data UP

7- Data Down

8- GND

In this case you can connect all temperature in a row.

Up to 20 temperature sensors or up to 360 meters.

Step 2: How to Connect 1wire Sensors to UniPi Board

It' s easy to make hardware hub for this type of connection.

Step 3: Use RRD to Print All Temperature Sensors

With RRD you can make your own graphs.

All about RRD is there: http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/doc/rrdgraph.en.html

1 wire sensor with RJ45 connector is there: http://unipi.technology/shop/

Step 4: UniPi Comes With Xmas Free Shipping



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