2 Amazing Ideas to Make LED Illusion Mirror- Easy Project Ideas




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Hello friends in this instructable ill be showing you 2 of the very easy and interesting project ideas which is really fun to make and Can Be Used For Decorative purposes.Both the Projects gives out stunning effects so find your time to build one for yourself

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Step 1: Illusion From CD


  • CD
  • 9V Battery
  • LED Strip
  • Battery clip
  • Pieces of Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Switch

Step 2: Lets Build

  • 2 CD's are Sticked Back to Back
  • Cardboard strip is glued around the corner of CD

Step 3: Finishing Up

  • LED strip is Glued inside cardboard which was already glued to CD
  • Basic Switching Circuit is Made
  • LED illusion Mirror is ready

Step 4: Video Showing Stunning Illusion Effects

Dont Miss The Stunning Effects of illusion in the video.Please do like and Share this project so that your friends know how to make one for themself!!

Step 5: Infinity Illusion Mirror

  • This creates infinity illusion effects
  • Easy To build

Step 6: Supplies Needed

  • Mirror
  • 2 way mirror
  • LED Strip
  • Cardboard Strip
  • 9v Battery
  • Glue

Step 7: Building Stage

  • Cardboard Strip is Glued Around The Corners of Mirror
  • LED Strip is attached in inside surface
  • LED is Connected To Battery
  • 2 Way Mirror is Placed at The Top
  • Infinity Mirror is Ready

Step 8: Watch This Infinity Illusion Effect Here

Stunning Effects of illusion is shown in the video.Please do like and Share this project so that your friends know how to make one for themself!!

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    this is super cool im actually highly consitering making it! I was going to try to make an infinity miror but htis is way easyer!