2) Arduino Beginners Multi LEDs Blink

welcome back guys to another new instructables tutorials. i hope you guys find it interesting and it helps you in some way or the other.

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Step 1: Arduino Beginners Multi LED Blink

In my second tutorial i'll be showing you guys how to blink two or more LEDs with the Arduino.

So follow my instructions carefully :)

Step 2: The Materials You'll Be Needing

1) Arduino

2) USB cable

3) Breadboard

4) Jumper wires

5) (220 Ohms) resistors

6) LEDs

Step 3: The Hardware

please set up the circuit without making any mistake.

Step 4: The Software

This is the software for this specific circuit. I'm repeating once more, please try to understand the coding.

Step 5: The Second Hardware

this is the second hardware. This is in series. so actually this circuit is better than the previous one although there's nothing wrong in the previous circuit.

Step 6: Playing Around With the Software

this is just another way of writing the code so that the LEDs have a different patern. ( I put this up, so that you can play with the LEDs ).

Step 7: The Video to Make Things Clear for You

see my video and please subscribe,like, and comment.

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