2-Bit Arithmetic and Logic Unit

Hello Friends,

This is a simple 2 Bit Arithmetic and Logic Unit, its a fun project, it can perform operations like, addition, subtraction, increment, decrements, etc on two 2 bit inputs.

I will be just giving the schematic and the truth table of the circuit, and will give some hint about how to make it, rest (PCB designing etc) you will have to figure out by yourself...

Have fun Making an ALU...

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Step 1: Design

In the images you will find 2 schematics, the first one is the one that i followed, and found out that there is some redundancy in that design, so there is another schematic, where i have marked the gates which is not necessary, actually the input S2 is eliminated, rest all is the quite same.

I have marked the gate combination ICs in green. if you need detailed info about this project, check the .pdf file i have uploaded here.

I will not be showing you how to design a PCB, you will have to figure that out by yourself...

Best of Luck...!!!



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