$2 Comic Book Frame




Introduction: $2 Comic Book Frame

My wife suggested one night that I frame some of my comics. I was just in a store earlier that day looking around and seen some for 15-20$ a frame. It seemed silly to have a framed comic book where the frame is more valuable (I collect because I like the art not how much its worth). After a quick search online I found this (http://brilliantlyeasy.com/comic-book-frame/) and decided to give it a try.

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Step 1: ​What You Need

  • 1$ Document frame from dollar store
  • 1$ Black poster board
  • X-acto craft knife or scissors or both
  • Comic book

Step 2: Open Frame

Carefully open the frame and remove the glass. I say carefully for 2 reasons one because its a cheap frame so rough handling could break it, two the glass is not exactly the nicest cut glass in the world so it will open you up in a heartbeat.

Step 3: Cutting the Poster Board

Align the edges of the glass to the edges of the poster board. Then take the X-acto and score the poster board around the glass. At this point I used the scissors to cut on the score line but if you are better with the razor then finish this with the X-acto if you like. This does not need to be perfect but it does need to be good. The edges of the frame will cover about an eight of an inch of the poster board edge.

Step 4: Add Comic

Put the glass back into the frame then place a comic book face down and centered in the frame. If you are having trouble centering it use a ruler to help. I am pretty good and doing it by eye so I don't an measurements for that.

Now this is up to you as to whether or not to take the comic out of the bag. I am working with inexpensive comics that I have for decoration so I took mine out of the bag. If you are framing expensive comics or ones that you want to keep in the best condition then keep then in a bag and with a board. But then again if I am framing a $100 comic or a signed comic I would likely get a better frame.

Step 5: Close It Up and Enjoy

Place the poster board down on the comic being careful not to move the comic under it.

Put the back onto the frame and close it with the tabs.

Flip over and enjoy

I was really surprised on how good this came out. The 2 action comic there were purchased earlier that day for $2 each and placed in a frame the have the appearance of looking like they are worth a lot more.

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7 Discussions


Question 1 year ago on Step 1

What size document frame would fit a blank comic cover that has art on front and back? I just started drawing on blank covers and i'm looking for a inexpensive way to frame them all once they are done. I have 20 blank covers i have done 2 so far and i had a artist from California do one.


5 years ago on Introduction

These look really cool! Mine would have a bunch of old Appleseed and Ghost In The Shell comics, I love the cover artwork that Masamune Shirow always had...


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thank you, Good idea on the fadeless paper. Im going to look into that