2 DIY Poor Man's Advent Calendar




Introduction: 2 DIY Poor Man's Advent Calendar

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Matches... bottle caps... glue... paint... and they are ready :))

It's not to late to make one of these ;)

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Step 1: Watch the Video First

If you interested in how I made these check out the video ;)

Step 2: Project 1 #1

For the first project take 24 box of matches and clean then out!

Step 3: Project 1 #2

I wanted to make the box to be square so I attached long side to the short side as you can on the pictures.

I used simple school glue to stick the boxes together. Overlap the pieces like a brick wall.

The 24 boxes gave me 6 layers.

Step 4: Project 1 #3

I made some tests with the tempera paint what I wanted to use and It wouldn't cover the brand picture on the top of the box.

I cut a square out of a white cardboard and glued to the top with the school glue.

Step 5: Project 1 #4

The small drawers needed some handle so I cut some tiny cardboard pieces and glued them to the side.

Step 6: Project 1 #5

Let's begin to decorate the box. First of all I painted the hole box included the handles and the drawers with red tempera paint. Then I let it dry completely before the next step.

Step 7: Project 1 #6

I labeled every drawer from 1 to 24 with a sharpie.

We had some thin gold ribbon at home so I used it to make the box a little bit fancier :) and some ribbon bow as well.

I recommend to wait until everything is completely dry before start using.

Step 8: Project 2 #1

Project number 2 :)

I drew a christmas tree shape to a thin plywood but you can use thicker cardboard as well.

Use what you want to cut off the tree shape I used a thin saw.

Step 9: Project 2 #2

Take some green brown and yellow paint (tempera might be good) or anything what you want and paint the hole surface. Let it completely dry.

Step 10: Project 2 #3

Bottle caps again... :)

Get your hot glue gun and stick 24 pieces to the board.

For the twenty-fifth piece I put a bottle cap flashlight to make this calendar more unique :)

If you missed the DIY Bottle Cap Flashlight project click here.

Step 11: Project 2 #4

I wanted to label the caps with sharpie but for the black caps that wouldn't have been good.

So I bought some stickers and labeled them before sticking.

Step 12: The End

That's it :)

Fill them with

tiny toys




personal messages


I hope you like this and not to late to make one of these :)

I always glad to suggestions comments tips and pictures If you make it :)

Thanks and see you next time ;)

Step 13: Don't Forget to Check Out the Video Please

As always thanks for your support!

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    This is a really fun craft project. I think my kids would get a kick out of making these.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Really nice to hear that :) I hope they will enjoy it!