$2 Dollar Lightsaber!!





Introduction: $2 Dollar Lightsaber!!

With Christmas around the corner and the new Star Wars coming out, we watched all the movies for the past few nights which left our kiddo wanting a lightsaber. Since this would require us going out side :(. With Christmas coming and us being low on the dough, we decided to make a quick and awesome one for $2 bucks if you had to buy it or in our case FOR FREE. Save that holiday cash and bring the force to your kid in a matter of minutes (30 seconds for us)!


Step 1: Dissasemble Dollar Turkey Baster

We had a turkey baster sitting around and my wife popped that back off and ran upstairs to get...

Step 2: Get a LED Light and Tape That Sucker in the Sucker Tube!

She retrieved an old LED from another kids project and we taped it into the sucker part of the baster. Turn it on and add the last bit of tape.

Step 3: Place Bobber Into It and Tape Again. Bam Done.

Place the light into the bobber and tape it again for good measure. 30 seconds later from when you started you can start playing!

I think it looks awesome and we played around with this for hours which is amazing for a 2 year old! We downloaded a lightsaber app on our phone with sounds and light attacks and jousted with her. Now take down the empire young padawan!



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    Yea my daughter loved it. 30 sec, build hours of fun, especially if you get a lightsaber phone app and turn off the lights. All free too!

    good for starters, creative, you just made your own lightsaber

    Very creative. I like the simple design!

    that's a great idea