2 Dollar Zen Pendulum





Introduction: 2 Dollar Zen Pendulum

 A zen pendulum made out of simple materials 
1.wooden bowl
2.coat hanger 
4.crystal with a point or metal cone with a point.



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    I love this! I bet you could use sugar instead of sand. (If you don't have to worry about ants or other bugs.)

    Did you drill a hole in the bowl & stick the hanger in it?

    I went back and made a pivot like yours and it does swing better i`ll post pics of it  soon.

    The zen pendulum requires one modification (to function like a proper one) - it needs the double pivot up top to bring one axis of movement's center up to the pivot point, and another just below it - this results in cooler patterns than 'just spirals'.


    I'm not saying you did it wrong, but a simple modification makes this a 2-dollar AWESOME pendulum :D

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    Can you elaborate on this?

    From what I understand you need a pivot on the top of the branch thingy, and then a loop, a ring, and another loop attached to the actual mass at the bottom. What should that pivot on top look like?

    I really want to be able to build one of these the right way

    Look at the picture in my link - note how it has a 'reverse fork' that holds up the upper part, then the double ring attaches to that.  Whatever it does, it makes the pattern go from 'just spirals' to 'intricate triangles'

    Look closely at the top - its not just a quicklink to a stationary point.

    edit: Only reason I know is I made one back in high school - took forever to get it right, then I noticed it had the wrong pivot.  Quick bend some metal, and bam, perfect results.

     also, the official name of this is "The Sandpendel"

    I'll phrase the question differently: Seeing a line traced in the sand, what is the significance of the mineral that is the pendulum, and the other three mineral pieces?


     its orange because it would not let me paste otherwise....