2 Hour Scrap Wood Work Bench


This is a quick and dirty tutorial on making a scrap wood workbench the workbench is completely scale-able as the height width and depth can be changed depending on the need, shelves could also be added underneath to store items.

the workbench is sturdy and strong despite being made of only a few 2x4's and a sheet or two of mdf/chipboard/plywood.

if desired modifications could easily be made to the table thanks to its simple design, modifications may include: a table saw, wheels, back board, shelves, etc

Step 1: Materials and Tools


4 or 5 2x4s the amount and size is completely dependent on your design however here is a guide for a 1mx 2mx1m table

4 100cm 2x4s for the legs

2 200cm 2x4s for the frame width

4 92cm 2x4s for the depth (they are 8 cm shorter than the total depth so they fit inside the width 2x4s)

1 2-4cm thick sheet of plywood/mdf/chipboard (note: if mdf is used make sure to coat in paint or varnish to reduce moisture absorption)

20-50 50mm wood screws


A saw (i used a circular saw but a hand saw or even better a mitre saw *wood* work (pun intended))

A drill or driver to screw screws in

Step 2: A Complete Guide to a Quick and Dirty Work Bench Is Below

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