2 Ingredient Jam

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Make your favourite baby foods into a tasty jam with this easy 2 ingredient recipe.

Don't have a favourite baby food? Here are some of mine.
Blueberries, banana & apple
Banana, pear & mango
Apple and mango
Apple pear & cinnamon

Step 1: The Ingredients

Baby food and Jam sugar in equal amounts.

Step 2: Boil and Stir

Place the ingredients in a pot and boil it on the stovetop while stirring it.

Do this until a teaspoon of the mixture that is placed on a frozen plate takes on the consistency you want from your jam.

Step 3: Bottle and Enjoy

You can now bottle your jam and enjoy your favourite baby food flavours in any company.

Before you boiling water can your new jam make sure it has a Ph of 4.6 or less.



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