#2 LED Grow Light


Introduction: #2 LED Grow Light

3W Red, Yellow, Blue LED grow light.

Step 1: Material

Hard Disc Shell x 1pc
Aluminum bar about 40cm
Wood bar about 30cm

1W Red LED x 1pc
1W Yellow LED x 1pc
1W Blue LED x 1pc
3W LED drive board x 1pc
Cooler x 1pc

Step 2: Base

A hard disc shell is use for base again.

Connect aluminum bar to base using strong glue.

Step 3: Light

Solder 3 LED to one, and glue to the Cooler.

Cooler is connect to a bracket made by wood bar.

Step 4: Wire

Wire all:
LED -> Driver -> Power

Light can also control by PWM, just connect it to PWM signal if you want to control it.

Power input is 24V, output is 2.6V, 700ma.

Step 5: Grow the Plant

Start the power to grow plants.



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