2' Laser Cut Tardis




This is a light up Tardis standing 2'+. I used scale lumber and craft plywood on a 90W 24x36 Laser Cutter. I grabbed some drafting from the web (provided) and modified to what I had on hand in cad.

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Step 1: Tardis Base

Base View to transfer to cad.

Step 2: Tardis Top Veiw

Top View for cad.

Step 3: Tardis Side View

Side view for cad.

Step 4: Layers Cut.

I cut several layers for each side of the Tardis. I used 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16 for each panel.

Step 5: Getting It Together.

Once the sides glued and set, I started adding the outer trim using 1/2 by 3/16, and the roof.

Step 6: Windows and More Trim

I did the Police Box in relief, and added translucent windows.

Step 7: Adding Paint

Start with plenty of base blue.

Step 8: The Top and Final Look

For the beacon I used a model paint bottle, added the lettering and a cobblestone pattern etched base, and overall weathering. I think it came out pretty nice. I really enjoyed making it.

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    1 year ago

    Any chance of getting the lasercutting files? I can deal with most formats (dxf, svg, ai). I'd love to make a storage box for my girlfriend (huge Dr Who fan).


    Reply 2 years ago

    gimme please svg to download.


    2 years ago

    The doctor would approve of your use of lasers.