No Sew Hair Bow



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So beautiful for a casual outfit

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Step 1:

Get a wide white ribbon and some thiner ribbon, some scissors and a glue gun

Step 2:

Cut a piece of the white ribbon about twice the size of your hand

Step 3:

Now cut a piece of the other ribbon the same size so it fits on top then glue them together

Step 4:

This is what you should have

Step 5:

Flip the ribbon around then fold it in half

Step 6:

Glue it so it stays in half

Step 7:

Now you have a piece of what you had before except the purple is now on both sides

Step 8:

Pinch both sides in the middle together to create a bow shape

Step 9:

Cut a short piece of the purple

Step 10:

Fold the purple in half then hot glue it

Step 11:

Wrap that small purple piece around the part we folded on the bow then glue it in place

Step 12:

Now you can glue a bobby pin to the back to keep it in place in your hair and You're done!!!!

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