2 Life Hacks for Your Wardrobe

Introduction: 2 Life Hacks for Your Wardrobe

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Hello everyone.

I don't know if you have ever faced "a wardrobe problem", but i have. Too many clothes and so little space... new old clothes all mixed together. Now we are in the middle of autumn and the weather is getting colder. So i decided to take my shirts, tops, dresses and coats out of my storage boxes and organize my wardrobe. During my storage process I found 2 life hacks that made my life much easier and my storage space bigger. So here they are:

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Step 1: The Hanger Facing Outwards

When using hangers for clothes, put all the hangers at the same time with the head of the hanger looking outwards (1st photo).

Yes it is not convenient, but when you hang your clothes the next time, the hanger will stand at the opposite direction meaning inside the closet ( 3rd photo). I am sure you will put it that way it is the normal way and it is easier to do it. So at some time you will see which clothes you wear more often and which not at all. Hmm maybe it's time to wear the rest of your clothes or give away what you do not wear?

Step 2: Use the Cap

Many clothes but little space? With a little trick you will add more hangers in your closet. How? Simply use the cap that all refreshments have. Pass the top of the hanger from point A and from point B put a second hanger. So you have 2 hangers in 1 at the same time. It is simple and affordable !!!

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