2 Pocket Paper Pocket

Here's a simple little Paper Pocket for holding SD Cards, Keys.. etc. This idea came from jaknife1102's Paper Poppers.

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Step 1: Get Paper

Get 1 peice of paper. Yeah. 1.

Step 2: Fold, Fold, Fold...

Now here's the folding part

Fold 1: Fold Hamburger style. Unfold. (pic 1+pic 2)
Fold 2: Bring one side into the line. (pic 3 (blurry shot)
Fold 3: After fold 2, bring over making a normal peice of paper look (pic 4)
Fold 4: Fold the Unfolded side over the folded peice. Making a strip. (pic 5)
Fold 5: Fold strip in half (missed a pic).
Fold 6: The stand should be made. Now it will be standing. Take the upright peice and push the sides. A Pocket will be made. (You can do it on both bottom and top) (pic 6).

Step 3: You Are Done!!

Enjoy your new Paper item!!

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    9 Discussions

    Thank you for this. Needed a disposable pocket for some cards and this was perfect.


    10 years ago on Step 2

    brill dude. but wen you fold the paper into the "normal peice of paper look (pic 4) if you put one or two peices of tape in the middle it will create 7!!!! pockets :D X-Darklord-X


    10 years ago on Step 2

    you could at least make a video...

    Danny A

    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is rubbish. You Must be joking. Give me one good reason why i should make this.


    12 years ago

    Is this serious or are you trying to be funny?