$2 Portable Solar Water Light



Introduction: $2 Portable Solar Water Light

Last year I learned about the "liter of light" project through the Henry Ford Innovation Nation. See: "Off-the-Grid Lighting Solution" Instructable by Hey Jude. Vote for him in Energy Contest.

Step 1: How I Got Started.

I bought 3 liter bottle and 10" solar garden post. Purchased at dollar store. The solar stake is Model, Rethink 155002.

Step 2: Some Materials Need

After trying the large bottle. I switched to small container. 1 1/4 opening is perfect fit for the base. Items shown are some examples. I used a glass jar for the Ultraviolet LED. With some modifications.

Step 3: Disassemble Solar Stake

Comes apart easily, Just pull on it. Note LED LENSE picture in last step. Here, I sealed shut 3 small holes marked in blue. Use glue or caulk.

Purpose is to get LED farther into bottle. See: MODIFICATIONS

Step 4: Make Your Light

Slide plastic lenses into jar.

Screw on solar charger. Charge and wait till dusk and you shall see the light.

Step 5: Modifications

To use a glass jar required cutting a 11/4 hole in lid to slide lenses in. Hole saw worked fine.

To get maximum light I add longer leads to LED. This let the LED drop to the bottom of plastic lens.

Since, all I had available was a 5mm high brightness UV LED. I used it for sh..ts and giggles.

High brightness LED would work much better. You could use colored LEDs or color the water for party lights.

Have fun and expand on idea!

Step 6: BONUS Leftovers!

Now I have extra Tent stakes.

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