2 Retro Hairstyles for Short Hair




The rockabilly look is very "in" right now! What I love most about it is that the retro look is very versatile and looks great on anyone. These are two very easy throwback hairstyles for those of us with short hair, but could also be used for long hair!

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Step 1: Supplies

TIP: It is easiest to do these styles with second day hair. However, if you have freshly washed hair you can add some kind of product to add texture to the hair.

-Strong Hold Hairspray (I'm using Aveda's Control Force)

-Texturizing Product (if hair is clean, I used Aveda's Hair Potion)


-Bobby Pins

-Jaw Clips (optional)

Step 2: Large Victory Roll

1. Section the hair you would like to roll

2. Back comb, or "tease", (this can get a bit wild). Make sure when you back comb to only do so in one direction, not back and forth and the hair (it can damage it)

3. Smooth the outside of the hair

4. Grab the end of the hair and begin to roll inwards. Continue to roll until you reach the scalp

5. Pin down the rolled ends

6. Smooth the outside, tuck in any loose ends and hairspray!

Optional- add a bandana or headscarf for an extra retro vibe

Step 3: Faux Bettie Bangs

1. Section hair for bangs

2. Back comb the underneath

3. Smooth and grab hair in a small ponytail (can rubber band)

4. Take the ponytail and make a loop with it

5. Pin the loop to the hairline

6. Tuck in any stray hairs and hairspray!

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