2" Round PVC Knitting Loom




Introduction: 2" Round PVC Knitting Loom

(1) 2" PVC bushing
(8) 2" x 8 exterior screws

Electric drill, 1/8” or 3/16" drill bit
angle grinder/dykes/saw

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Step 1: Drill, Baby, Drill.

Mark the top of your bushing at 8 evenly spaced points, roughly 2/3 toward the outside edge. The bottom of the bushing is an octagon, so you can plan on drilling at each point.

Use your 1/8” drill to make holes all the way vertically through the bushing.

Step 2: Screwing Around

Screw in your stainless steel screws. We want to leave only the smooth, non-threaded part of the shaft sticking out of the top side of the loom. Initially this leaves a sharp point sticking out the bottom. Oh Noes!

Step 3: Nerfing the Loom

In order to reduce the pokeyness of the bottom of the loom, screw the screws in an extra turn, use an angle grinder / saw / dykes to cut off the sharp tips of the screws.
Turn the screws out to where the end of the smooth part of the shaft is once again flush with the top of the loom. This should draw the newly shortened ends of the screws up into their holes.

Now you're ready to knit!

Step 4: KNIT!!!

These looms are great for making long chains which can then be used to arm knit/crochet.

They can also be used to single knit flat panels, which can be alternated with knitting in the round if so desired.

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    That's so clever, and the knitted piece you create with it looks awesome. Have you got any awesome projects in the works using the knitted pieces? Although they are awesome as is for scarves and such. If you do have some awesome projects, we at instructables would love to them!