2 Scoop Kitty Poop Method - a Really Fast Way to Clean the Kitty Litter




Introduction: 2 Scoop Kitty Poop Method - a Really Fast Way to Clean the Kitty Litter

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I hate cleaning the kitty litter. I'm also very lazy.

Step 1: The Story

I used to own an Omega Paw, but my cats outgrew it. If you haven't seen, check it out here. It worked for years, but even so, I only cleaned the kitty litter once a day or at laziest, once every other day.

Eventually, we moved to a place with a smaller bathroom and it become cumbersome. I eventually relented and got rid of it. However, I dreaded the idea of having to scoop around for kitty litter.

I would go and watch my friends' cats and they always had 1 scoop. This meant quite a few minutes of digging around to find the clumps. My laziness and creativity merged for a better solution.

(I made that clump using water. I had cleaned it earlier.)

Step 2: How to Use 2 Scoops

Video of the 2 scoop kitty poop method

My solution: Use 2 scoopers.

Rather than having to scoop under and push the clumps to the edge, you use 2 to dig and clamp the clumps. It reduces kitty litter cleaning time to about 30 seconds.

In fact, I now clean the kitty litter twice a day (unheard of before!!!) - once in the morning and once in the evening.

Note 1: I would recommend getting 2 different size scoops. I have a large mesh one and small mesh one. The small mesh one goes a lot slower, but helps me get smaller clumps that the larger one doesn't catch. I usually use the larger mesh one in my main hand as I use it more often.

Note 2: I use a walnut shell based kitty litter called Applaws Nature´s Calling. It's flushable, which is why I buy it. It actually smells okay and clumps pretty well. There is very little dust (to which I am allergic - other brands make my skin itch).

I would recommend getting a flushable brand because it saves on having to use plastic bags and it's so much quicker!

If you use this method and think it helped you out, please vote for it. Thank you!



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    2 years ago

    just a thought, if you have a septic tank rather than a municipal sewer system you should probably avoid flush able stuff. It will fill up your tank and require that it be pumped out.

    1 reply

    True. I would check with local regulations and requirements regarding flushable litter.

    Two scoop into a bag or bin if flushing isn't possible.

    Too bad they can't just go in the toilet!! ;)