2 Stage Rocket




I recently found a way of modifying 2 firecracker rockets into a single 2 stage rocket.
The idea worked out very well but as I don’t have a DVR, couldn’t post a video.

Step 1: Parts:

1 large rocket
1 small rocket
A piece of card with width of about 2 – 2.5 inches

PS: Refer to last step if you don’t have rockets of 2 different sizes

Step 2: Prepare the Large Rocket:

Remove the top conical section from the large rocket.  There will be a small cylinder under it. This is the part that explodes into flashes once the rocket goes high into the sky. Remove this cylinder as well. Now you should be able to see the gunpowder. (This is your first stage fuel)
Now take the card. Stick it onto the large rocket such that a loop is left to accommodate the balancing stick of the small rocket. This loop should be on the opposite side of balancing stick of the large rocket. Thus the balancing sticks of the rockets should be on opposite sides of the central cylinders. (Refer to pics for clarity)

Step 3: Inserting the Small Rocket:

Insert the stick of the small rocket through the previously made loop on the other rocket. Now the fuse of the small rocket should touch the exposed gunpowder of the large rocket.
Make finer adjustments such as increasing the length of the fuse if needed. Make sure the fuse touches the powder well.

Step 4: Working:

Now you’re ready to launch!
Ignite the large rocket, it will shoot up. Once all the first stage fuel is used up, the second rocket will get ignited (the first will fall down). The second will rise further and then the cracker will explode!!

Step 5: Further Note:

If you don’t find 2 rockets of different sizes:

Take cardboard roll of a larger diameter than that of the rocket you have. Fill it up with gunpowder and attach a fuse and a balancing stick. Use this as the larger rocket and proceed with earlier procedure.

This part being dangerous, keep safety procedures at hand and take care.



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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    :) Nice idea! But will need a bit of working out to make it practical!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe you could run a fast fuse under the paper to detach the first stage just before the second stage ignites (:
    Maybe add a third stage with the same mechanism perhaps requiring two rockets or a larger one due to the added weight.
    hmm... contemplating a uav for the fourth stage... or perhaps a balloon to the edge of space (:


    5 years ago on Introduction

    No, as I don't have a DVR. But I'll check up with a couple of my friends to see if I can borrow one!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Do you have a video of the launch you could put up?