2 Step Batch File "hack"

This Is Another Simple But slightly long to make Computer trick That will make it seem like you are hacking once again it's totally harmless

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Step 1: Creating It

In order to make this you need notepad (windows operating system)

Then type in the following

@echo off

title your Choice

color 02

echo Hacking fred's computer for password

echo the hack will begin in

ping -n>nul

echo 5

ping -n>nul
echo 4

ping -n>nul

echo 3

ping -n>nul

echo 2

ping -n>nul

echo 1

ping -n>nul

echo 0


echo %random% %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%

goto superman

Step 2: Saving

when you are done save it wherever you want as a .bat file open it and enjoy

Please keep in mind the following it will never stop unless you close the window.


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    using echo before the pings and after color 02 you can change it to whatever you want it to say