2 Story Budgie Playground




I made this gym for my brothers budgie out of sticks I found around the house, which I cut to size, predrilled, and screwed together to make the frame. I also used some scrap wood I had around for the shelves and the base. The ladders are made completely of popsicle sticks. I used tie wraps to mount them. Lastly, I hung up the toys and the swing, and then used bag ties to attach spray millet to the ladder and 2 paperclips to hang some more spray millet at the top. Lemon (the budgie) loves to climb up the ladders to the top and sit on the top shelf to eat millet or chew on the sticks, which is good for her beak.

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    3 years ago

    you have one spoiled budgie. BTW it looks just like my one

    Looks nice looks like it is quite easy to make too as it is all does in such a well, good but distressed look. I like it :)