2-bit Binary Squaring Device

About: I'm a 18 year-old guy who loves tinkering with and building electronics. I am self taught (in terms of electricity), my grandpa was an electrician, and a vein in my left hand makes the symbol for alternatin...

This device does exactly as the title states: it squares 2-bit binary numbers. the functions that it can carry out are:0^2,1^2, 2^2, and 3^2 The diagram pretty much explains itself (unless you can't read logic diagrams) so, enjoy! :)
If you have any comments, suggestions, improvements, or even rude remarks then please post them down below!
p.s. when i was building it i overlooked one small detail and that was that 1000 IS NOT EQUAL TO 9, i have added some diodes so that it functions properly.



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