2-in-1 Marking Gauge & Beam Compass




Introduction: 2-in-1 Marking Gauge & Beam Compass

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Hi, this is my new project, a 2-in-1 Marking Gauge and Beam Compass recycling an old Plotter Blade Holder and a few scrap wood

Photo 1 -This is how the SketchUp file looks like, you can download it for free in my web

Photo 2 -To build it I am gonna use a Plotter Blade Holder that as you can see it has a little magnet inside that holds the blade, a bearing so it can turn and this little bolt so we can adjust the hardness of the spring.

Photo3 -I am also going to use scrap wood from guitar making like curly maple and rosewood. Although, the plans are designed to build it with plywood too. Cut all the pieces following the plans.


Step 1: Mechanizing and Sanding

Photo 4 - Sand all the parts checking the squareness. Glue the rosewood parts to make the guide. To avoid it from moving, insert a couple of screws first.

Photo 5 -Mechanize the adjust channel in the 3D Router and the location of the plotter blade.

Photo 6-Give its shape to the base and improve the surface finish using the band saw. Next, make the drill hole for the threaded insert.

Photo 7 -And now, mechanize the knob.

Photo 8 -I am gonna sharp a bolt on my Belt Sander Table so I can use it as rotation axis.

Step 2: Varnishing and Trying

Photo 9 -This is my new toy, a branding Iron for wood.

Photo 10 -Sand and varnish it with spray lacquer.

Photo 11 -And it is ready, so I am gonna try first the Marking Gauge.

Photo 12 -You can also use a pencil instead of the blade.

Photo 13 -And now I'll try the Beam Compass with a marker.

Photo 14 -Of course, you can also use the blade here.



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    25 Discussions

    很喜欢你的作品 可惜在中国没办法下载你的图纸

    1 reply

    try here:


    Good job!

    I also appreciated your DiY tools shown "indirectelly" on your video.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    What is the stain color you used on the semi-circular plywood? It is beautiful and i's like to use it on another project.

    4 replies

    Darn. I thought it looked like rosewood that's why I wanted the stain. That's a NICE tool!

    Very nice looking tool, Has inspired me to make one for myself. might have a go at adding an arced slot in the base and losing the side pieces to add angle gauge to it.

    1 reply

    Really nice. +1 to what paservank said, I love how you use your tools, to make more tools. Looks really useful too.

    1 reply

    This is very cool - I love that you use other tools you have made to make more tools!